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On-demand solutions and professional services across your program lifecycle from pursuit through performance

  • 1,500+ bids & proposals • 25+ market assessments • 80+ price-to-win analyses • 15+ competitive assessments • $340B+ client contracts • 85% proposal win rate on value • 65% proposal win rate on quantity • 150+ programs supported • $1T+Client contracts supported • 600+ program milestones • 25,000+ contract deliverables

For 35 years, SMA has always sought out uniquely talented and highly motivated individuals to become associates. Our associates are a group of smart, passionate professionals unified by purpose and community. Our purpose is simple: to create value by helping clients improve their competitiveness throughout the program lifecycle, from pursuing markets in innovative and differentiated ways, though winning programs and creating competitive capacity, to improving program performance with disciplined cost/schedule management, and reducing execution risk by enhancing program team capability with high caliber, hard to find management and technical expertise.

As individuals, our associates are members of a meritocratic community where they can continue life-long professional development, and learn from the diverse community of other SMA professionals, ranging from those just starting their careers to those with over 30 years of proven experience, including individuals who have served at the highest levels of industry and government around the world.

Our Rate Structure is available on request: please contact our corporate headquarters at +1.949.975.1550 or email us at

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PURSUE & WIN business opportunities...

Today’s procurement environment is more competitive than ever. When you must win, SMA delivers. We help you develop the right strategy to deliver a winner. With years of success in capture and proposal leadership and an 85% win rate, our team leads you through efficient, effective, and disciplined processes. Over the past 35 years, we have supported our clients in delivering more than 1,500 proposals resulting in contracts valued in excess of $340 billion.

PERFORM successfully...


Managing programs requires integrated solutions tailored to address the unique cost, schedule, and technical challenges of each program. We understand these challenges, and we have implemented a management framework to assess your enterprise and/or program needs, and bring the right people, process, and tools to any engagement. For more than 20 years, we have provided solutions that incorporate proven best practices, developed by industry leading program planning & control, and program & technical management subject matter experts.

In the last year, we have helped clients win $10bn of international business.

This success is because we:

  • Have a global perspective. In the last year we have delivered projects in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
  • Are independent. We are not captive to existing biases or internal politics. We only want to get the best possible view of what it will take to win new business.
  • Have a great network. In many countries we have connections at the Head of State or Ministerial level. We also have a deep network of retired U.S. and U.K. Intelligence Officers, Diplomats and Military Officers. We can always find someone who has insight.
  • Go in person. We send a senior team into the field and use our network to access decision makers and real insiders. We don’t believe you can get real insight from an office inside the Beltway.
  • Use a proven methodology. Our analytical approach to stakeholder mapping and decision analysis replaces anecdotes with evidence. We are strategic advisors, not “door openers.”

We would like to help you win more international business

Our comprehensive Deal to Win (DTW) approach includes robust customer and competitor intelligence to tame international procurement opportunities: