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Downloadable Brochure PDFs, White Papers, and Case Studies:


  • SM&A Capture & Proposal Support For over 34 years, SM&A has delivered leadership on more than 1,400 proposals worth more than $350 billion. Our consistent success makes SM&A the partner our clients turn to when they must win. Download
  • SM&A Program Services For over 20 years, we have provided Integrated Program Management and Engineering services to government and commercial contractors who demand the very best in program performance Download
  • What we do: Pursue. Win. Perform All our service offerings on one page Download
  • Market Assessments Our Market Assessments are 100% tailored to your current capabilities, financial thresholds, growth goals and risk profile. We maintain an independent stance, unbiased by corporate dynamics, to develop the most effective revenue growth path into your adjacent markets. Whether you are looking for growth via a new technology, customer or domain, we have the expertise and demonstrated client successes to jump start your revenue growth. Download
  • Capture Support Our Capture process wins you more business through objective, data-driven assessments, a flexible, orderly process, efficient use of resources, experienced coaches, talent to fill gaps, value-added products, independent research and analysis, and proven processes that work Download
  • Competitive Assessment and Price-to-Win (CA/PTW) Our PTW process uses fact-based, rigorously documented, open source data providing your capture team with the detail to adjust your solution to improve your competitive position. Our team-based analysis by using our own proven methodology provides you with a holistic view of your competitive position, not just price Download
  • Program Planning & Control We provide complete services for EVMS, planning, scheduling and cost management; the right level of support, from surge to outsourcing, from proposal through execution; and dedicated schedulers and EV personnel for short or long term jobs. Download
  • COMPASS™ Cost Management, Planning, and Scheduling Solution Don’t go it alone on your most important programs. Our COMPASS solution avoids costly delays at program start up, avoids rebaselining, provides better control of high-risk subcontractors, and reduces government scrutiny Download
  • EVMS Compliance Review: EVMS Mock Review An EVMS Mock Review increases your likelihood of a favorable government review, significantly reduces the risk of a poor customer review, increases the effectiveness of your EVMS, and gives you insights from EVM industry experts Download
  • EVMS Compliance Reviews: CAM Interview Training Control Account Manager (CAM) training make sure your CAMs are better prepared, and government reviews are more successful. Issues uncovered through interviews can be addressed before the government review. Download
  • CAM EVMS Training Our CAM EVMS training is a fast and effective way to learn the basics of EVM, providing better program reviews. We have trained over 15,000 students over 20 years. This course is part of an integrated CAM training curriculum, backed up by a full range of EVMS services. Download
  • EVMS Gap Analysis EVMS Gap Analysis is a valuable first step to implement a certified EVMS, reveals gaps which can be addressed, and expedites the EVMS certification process. Our 22 years of corporate EVMS experience ensures a fast, cost-effective implementation Download
  • Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) Compliance Review Have a better audit, or avoid one altogether. Our IMS Compliance Review reveals IMS gaps which can be fixed ahead of an audit, and improves effectiveness of your IMS as a management tool Download

White Papers & Presentations

  • The Changing Nature of War Greg Treverton, SMA Executive Adviser, discusses how the threats to our national security are changing, from nuclear and conventional war, to terrorism and cyberwar. Download
  • The Looming Disappointment Will the Trump administration be a boom for the defense industry? Greg Treverton, SMA Executive Adviser, Dave Patterson, SMA SVP Strategic Sales, and Ajay Patel, SMA President & CEO, advise caution. Download
  • Defense Planning for Threats, Not Capabilities Greg Treverton, SM&A Executive Adviser, and Dave Patterson, SVP Strategic Sales, argue that the US should base its defense planning on threats, not capabilities. Download
  • Ranking the Pentagon’s Top Suppliers We have aggregated the last three years of US Department of Defense (DoD) Superior Supplier Incentive Program (SSIP) data for the top suppliers at the US Army, Navy, and Air Force to provide a uniform view of each of the suppliers across DoD. You can use these data to compare the relative performance of peer group companies and the general performance of major defense acquisition programs within each of the service branches. Download
  • Win Strategy: Actions We Take, not Attributes We Have Presented by Dick Eassom, CF APMP Fellow, SM&A VP Corporate Support, at the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) California Chapter Annual Training Day 2016 in Anaheim, California Download
  • Senate version of the FY2017 National Defense Authorization Act fails Organizational Management 101 J. David Patterson, SM&A SVP for Capture Support & Proposal Development, describes why serious concerns should be raised regarding Title IX, Department of Defense Organization and Management, Subtitle A, Office of the Secretary of Defense and Related Matters, Sec. 901. Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering and related acquisition position in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Download
  • Making it Count: The Effective Executive Summary Presented by Dick Eassom, CF APMP Fellow, SM&A VP Corporate Support, at the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) Bid & Proposal Con 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts Download
  • Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Word Presented by Dick Eassom, CF APMP Fellow, SM&A VP Corporate Support, at the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) Bid & Proposal Con 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts Download
  • Agile Case Study – Waterfall vs. Agile A comparison by Jacque Keats, EVP Sales & Operarions, of two similar projects at one of our clients: one using traditional waterfall development, and the second using Agile. Despite the team's initial unfamiliarity with Agile, only the Agile project was delivered early, under budget, and pleased the customer. Download
  • Agile Performance Measurement Jacque Keats, EVP Sales & Operations, explains how EVMS implemented with an Agile methodology can provide performance management, metrics, and reporting for small support contracts and IDIQ task orders that trip the EVMS threshold. Download
  • Are We Stuck in the Past? The Need for New Thinking Presented by Ajay Patel, SM&A CEO, at the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) Bid & Proposal Con 2015 in Seattle, Washington Download
  • Start to Finish: From New Word Document to Proposal Template Presented by Dick Eassom, CF APMP Fellow, SM&A VP Corporate Support, at the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) Bid & Proposal Con 2015 in Seattle, Washington Download
  • Winning Business in the Middle East and Africa By Bill Fallon, ADM USN (Ret), SM&A Senior Advisor, and Drosten Fisher, SM&A Director of Management Consulting Download
  • Synopsis and Impact of Weapon Systems Acquisition Reform Act of 2009 The law directs the DoD to increase internal regulation and external reporting in three key acquisition areas: cost estimation, systems engineering, and performance assessment Download
  • Program Planning & Control, and EVMS Support to DOE and DOE Contractors A case study of our EVMS certification support for the DOE Hanford Plateau Remediation Contract Download
  • Synopsis and Impact of DoDI 5000.02 This synopsis describes the changes in the DoD Acquisition System implementation contained in DoD Instruction 5000.02, reissued in December 2008. This reissue can be characterized as: major overhaul – reissue rather than revision; new policy directed by Congress – incorporates numerous new/revised sections of public law since 2003; and new/revised regulatory policy Download