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  • Stay up to date with the latest from SMA, including industry whitepapers & research, webinars & events, real-world case studies, news, and more… read more
  • SMA launched its TOD on Tap Professional Series with an inaugural event in Southern California to a full capacity crowd. Attendees enjoyed an evening of learning, comradery, food, and craft beer. read more
  • Large companies are particularly susceptible to poor forecasts as they try to extend their home market success beyond their borders with big projects that help them “make their numbers”. Our analysis shows that compared to forecasts in their home markets, these “adjacent” market predictions are wildly off. read more
  • By producing a National Security Strategy in his first year in office, President Trump has indicated that he views the NSS as an important security roadmap to keep Congress and the American people informed of his administration’s national security intentions. read more
  • On January 17th, SMA kicks off its TOD on Tap professional series with an inaugural event in Irvine, California. This happy hour event is open to all SMA associates and registered guests. read more