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  • Russia is a failing petro-autocracy. Virtually everything Vladimir Putin has done temporarily extends Russia’s corrupt government but hastens its inevitable decline. Yet on the world stage, he has played a weak hand exceeding well. And he has done so increasing brazenly. The question is not what Russia is doing but what to do about it. read more
  • As healthcare costs continue to rise across the country, players across the commercial healthcare system are continually exploring new and innovative concepts that can bring cost savings to providers, insurance companies and beneficiaries. With its critical mission, beneficiary population that mirrors the US population, and desire to cut costs, can DHA become a leader in the federal health sector and the broader US healthcare industry? read more
  • State and local legislation to manage prescription drug costs can change the pharmaceutical industry's profitability and business models. California’s SB 17 law is catalyzing similar legislation from other states. One focus is drug price transparency. Our strategy-led approach and deep experience support your planning, structuring, and executing compliance activities. read more
  • Recently released government policy documents indicate that the Trump Administration’s national security priorities will benefit many SMA clients, especially in the aerospace and defense industry. For the first time in many years, a coordinated and integrated approach to strategy provides opportunities for accelerated new system development. read more
  • Join us on 26 April 2018 as we host our first East Coast TOD on Tap professional series with an event in the prestigious Army and Navy Club in Washington, DC’s historic Farragut Square. read more