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  • Large companies are particularly susceptible to poor forecasts as they try to extend their home market success beyond their borders with big projects that help them “make their numbers”. Our analysis shows that compared to forecasts in their home markets, these “adjacent” market predictions are wildly off. read more
  • By producing a National Security Strategy in his first year in office, President Trump has indicated that he views the NSS as an important security roadmap to keep Congress and the American people informed of his administration’s national security intentions. read more
  • Rivalry between the great powers seems back in the last half decade—an unwelcome surprise after the previous decade when the country had laser focused on the non-state threat of terrorism. So: is the Cold War back? SMA Executive Advisor Greg Treverton provides his answer to this question. read more
  • SMA is pleased to announce the launch of its latest Talent On Demand (TOD) smartphone app designed to help SMA Associates find and follow deployment opportunities that match their skills and experience. read more
  • Recent SMA analysis shows that 89% of government procurement activity misses its target date. Our Talent On Demand (TOD) platform offers your organization tools to cope with this uncertainty. TOD can identify experts who will be available this week, in six weeks, or in six months. read more