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  • Join us on 26 April 2018 as we host our first East Coast TOD on Tap professional series with an event in the prestigious Army and Navy Club in Washington, DC’s historic Farragut Square. read more
  • Greg Treverton, former Chair of the US National Intelligence Council, and SMA Executive Advisor, reflects on the last quarter century of NIC activities and assesses whether this organization continues to provide an actionable interpretation of the truth for senior US policy makers. read more
  • Improving the Defense Acquisition System: "The solution is to establish a source selection schedule and keep to it. Simple. Right?" read more
  • The “Pre-Decisional” draft Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) developed by the Trump Administration is thoughtful and addresses threats to the U.S. as they are. The introduction establishes that the world that might have seemed on the edge of security from nuclear conflict, today realistically shows no evidence for such optimism. read more
  • SMA launched its TOD on Tap Professional Series with an inaugural event in Southern California to a full capacity crowd. Attendees enjoyed an evening of learning, comradery, food, and craft beer. read more