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  • Can we counter other nations' abilities to use cyber attacks to find and release discrediting information, and use social media for propaganda campaigns to influence future US elections? Greg Treverton, SMA Executive Adviser, assisted by Alicia Chen, show how the Russians interfered with the 2016 US election, and provide their thoughts on how we can prevent this in the future. read more
  • Is it time for a universal basic income (UBI) to guarantee that everyone receives a minimum income regardless of circumstance to offset the effects of automation and AI which represent the successful advance of technology? read more
  • How would Reagan’s Defense Secretary view the new Afghanistan strategy? Caspar Weinberger’s six principles for using military force are a useful lens on Trump’s newish path in Southwest Asia. read more
  • What are the future challenges facing national intelligence? What will be the effect of the Trump administration? Greg Treverton, SMA Executive Advisor, provides his opinion. read more
  • Why Congress should pass an Appropriations Bill on time for once. Continuing resolutions ultimately cost taxpayers, who pay for congressionally induced instability and terribly inefficient funding and contract management. read more