A Career with the Industry Leader

What would your career at SM&A be like? As an SM&A employee, you might be jumping on a plane on Monday morning to work on an aerospace & defense client’s multi-million dollar proposal for a new weapons system, or you might be driving down the road from your house to a global system integrator to work on a new IT system for the Department of Homeland Security. Our employees enjoy a variety of work and a career at SM&A can vary, depending on the practice area you might be supporting:
Clients engage us to help them understand government trends to pursue the right business opportunities that fit their core competencies and future vision for growth. Whether you&rqsuo;re helping clients understand government trends to develop their strategic plans and stay one step ahead of the competition, an SM&A employee&rqsuo;s career is never static or dull.
We are the “go-to” team when our clients must win. Our experienced consultants analyze, develop and recommend the best market position through competitive analysis and pricing models for capture plans and proposals. We work side-by-side and lead our clients through an efficient, effective and disciplined proposal process to help them develop the right strategy to win new business. The people we recruit are dynamic, analytic and “type A” Proposal Professionals—their expertise and leadership drive top-level performance for our clients.
With our depth of program and project management experience, our Program Services employees ensure that our clients have the tools, resources and insight they need to perform at every stage of the program or project lifecycle. You might join us working as a Program Planner or Scheduler, assisting our clients with the establishment and delivery of a project plan or schedule. Or you might be a Senior Engineer or Program Manager, whose hands-on technical expertise allows a client to stay on track for a successful program milestone. Perhaps you’re a Cost & Earned Value Management Consultant whose attention to detail allows a client to maximize their program and project revenue. Our Program Services employees can see projects through from the earliest program plan all the way through program delivery to ensure a client can perform at their highest levels.

If you have what it takes to help our clients PURSUE, WIN & PERFORM, our strategy is simple: we recruit energetic and innovative individuals who see beyond the obvious, who think broadly and deeply, bringing greater value to our clients.