Capture & Proposal Management
Today’s procurement environment is more competitive than ever. When you must win, SM&A delivers. We help you develop the right strategy to deliver a winner. With years of success in capture and proposal leadership and an 85% win rate, our team leads you through efficient, effective and disciplined processes. Over the past 30 years, we’ve supported our clients in delivering more than 1,400 proposals resulting in contracts valued in excess of $340 billion.
Business and Capture Management
Grow your pipeline, grow your company. Our business intelligence solution identifies and analyzes market opportunities and government trends helping you develop a business opportunity pipeline.
Position yourself as the winner. Let us objectively assess your ability to bid on and win a specific procurement. We help you shape a winning strategy that is unencumbered by internal biases.
Refine the deal. Having a strategy is not enough. We help you develop a compelling, actionable win plan that drives proposal artifacts and reduces the customer’s perception of risks.
Price to Win. Increase your probability of winning by letting our specialists provide a recommended price based on estimated competitor price positions and a set of defined assumptions.
Proposal Leadership
Maximize your win probability. We recruit, train, and retain the highest quality leaders from government, military and industry – 60% of our Associates have more than 30 years experience. All associates receive extensive training in SM&A processes, tools and procedures.
Manage your proposal budget. Our business, technical, and proposal specialists are passionate about winning. We draw upon three decades of experience and resulting metrics that allow us to allocate resources and develop realistic schedules. We provide the scale, range and depth of resources to help you plan and deliver a winning proposal.
Ensure the best possible proposal. We assign a Practice Advocate to each proposal to ensure quality and offer independent assessments to the SM&A team and our clients. This allows real-time, on-site quality assurance resulting in objective feedback that increases your win probability.
Avoid the cost of changes in Request for Proposal (RFP) schedules. Our Gold Standard process offers flexibility to adapt to variations in the Government’s acquisition schedule. We start and stop as required to address interruptions and delays in the procurement lifecycle.
Reinforce your team with a network of expertise. Our reachback extends to technical and program management specialists with expertise in disciplines such as systems engineering, technical leadership, milestone reviews, project controls, and earned value management. We help you demonstrate your team&rqsuo;s ability to manage and execute successful programs. We’ve helped clients design hundreds of credible, executable programs within budget limitations. Clients include Accenture, Boeing, IBM, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon.
Close the deal. Often at proposal submission, the team disbands, however, post-submittal activities must continue. We have proposal specialists available to help you successfully complete post-submittal activities including oral presentations, demonstrations, competitive discussions, questions and answers, evaluation notices (ENs), best and final offer (BAFO) and Final Proposal Revision (FPR).

Our 400 business, technical and proposal leadership professionals serve as trusted advisors to clients across a range of industries including Aerospace & Defense, Information Technology, Financial Services, Healthcare, and emerging markets. We have provided capture and proposal leadership for some of the most important Federal Government procurements in US history including the DoD’s next generation fighter aircraft program, a multi-billion dollar State Department information technology (IT) contract, and many IT indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) programs.

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What We Do: "Pursue. Win. Perform."
We are your “must have” partner when you need high-value solutions for winning new business and performing on complex projects and programs
Market Assessment
Our market assess- ments are 100% tailored to your current capabilities, financial thresholds, growth goals, and risk profile
Checkmate™ Capture Solution
Our Checkmate™ capture solution brings cost and schedule rigor to the capture phase
Price to Win
An integrated approach to offer development
Capture & Proposals
Winning procurements today requires proven leadership, a dedicated team, an effective process, allocation of the proper resources…
Principles of Winning
• Take nothing for granted.
• Have a proposal plan, follow it, and implement a proven process
Why Incumbents Lose
• Conventional wisdom says ~50% loss rate
• A&D prime contractor’s management says ~80% loss rate
The Value of Art
• Technical people are graphics oriented and art intuitively speaks to them
• Information transfer for a given image area of art is 10 times that of text