Program LifeCycle Solutions


Today’s procurement environment is more competitive than ever. When you must win, SMA delivers. We help you develop the right strategy to deliver a winner. With years of success in capture and proposal leadership and an 85% win rate, our team leads you through efficient, effective, and disciplined processes. Over the past 36 years, we have supported our clients in delivering more than 2,000 proposals resulting in contracts valued in excess of $350 billion.


Managing programs requires integrated solutions tailored to address the unique cost, schedule, and technical challenges of each program. We understand these challenges, and we have implemented a management framework to assess your enterprise and/or program needs, and bring the right people, process, and tools to any engagement. For more than 25 years, we have provided solutions that incorporate proven best practices, developed by industry leading program planning & control, and program & technical management subject matter experts.

"Market Assessments"

Market Assessments have been a cornerstone offering within SMA’s Management Consulting practice for over 15 years and we have continually improved our processes. The result is an executable growth strategy which is both attractive to your stakeholders and achievable for your sales and business development organization.

"Capture Support & Win Strategy"

SMA has extensive experience providing Capture Managers who can effectively lead your team to a winning strategy and lower your overall capture costs. SMA Capture Support brings costs and schedule rigor to the capture phase. We provide experienced, professional capture managers that know what it takes to win. Our data-driven assessment builds the foundation for an orderly, flexible process that spotlights technical, management and price readiness to win.

"Integrated Program Planning & Control(PP&C)"

SMA understands the PP&C challenge and has implemented a management framework to evaluate and bring the right people, processes, and tools to any engagement. SMA brings industry-leading solutions, the most qualified teams, our quick and “right-sized” approach and our commitment to bringing the power of SMA thought leadership and network of subject matter experts to every engagement.

"Earned Value Management System (EVMS)"

We are the industry leader in EVMS development and application and have the largest pool of EVMS professionals, and industry has proven solutions, to prepare your team to manage programs and ensure successful reviews and surveillance.

"Engineering & Technical Solutions"

We have the people, domain expertise, and tools proficiency to support engineering efforts in each client market segment.

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