Program Services
Managing programs requires integrated solutions tailored to address the unique cost, schedule, and technical challenges of each program. SM&A understands these challenges and has implemented a management framework to assess your enterprise and/or program needs and bring the right people, process, and tools to any engagement. For more than 20 years, SM&A has provided solutions to companies managing government contracts. These solutions incorporate proven best practices, developed by industry leading Program Planning & Control and Program & Technical Management subject matter experts. SM&A provides your business the performance and technical management solutions necessary to successfully Perform on today’s most challenging programs.
Complete services for EVMS, planning, scheduling, and cost management
The right level of support, from surge to out-sourcing, from proposal through program execution
Dedicated schedulers and EV personnel for short or long term jobs
Affordable, flexible and fast to deploy
Industry’s largest group of PP&C professionals assures the best fit for your needs
Program & Technical Management
Complete services for systems engineering, system architecting, and requirements management
Milestone Success@trade; ensures your technical team can focus on delivery and succeed at meeting critical program technical and design reviews
The right level of systems engineering support, from resource surge requirements to out-sourcing, from proposal technical baselines through program execution
Complete services for project management, program architecting, Integrated Baseline Reviews, performance measurement/metrics, and risk management

Featured Items
Program Services
We deliver integrated program management & engineering services that protect your business and decrease your program costs
Program Planning & Control
We deliver a truly integrated cost & schedule management solution.
Milestone Success™ for Technical reviews
"Programs consistently move forward with unrealistic cost and schedule estimates, use immature technologies…" (GAO)
A proven recipe for effective program start up, better management baseline, and a better Integrated Baseline Review (IBR)