SMA Talent On Demand Professional Services provides you highly skilled talent when and where you need it.

Experienced Experts for Today's Complex World

A new world is emerging. Old style project teams and collaboration techniques are giving way to more flexible and agile approaches that better identify solutions and help you build the future. Leaders must continually adapt their organizations to changing market conditions, and quickly ramp up critical abilities to achieve success in increasingly competitive markets.

SMA Talent On Demand Professional Services are dedicated to helping your team perform at its best in this new environment by efficiently providing critical staffing, skills, and experience when and where you need it. We are a committed group of “doers” helping you to achieve success in complex areas of program design and execution.

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Why SMA Talent On Demand Professional Services?

SMA provides hard-to-find expertise for your complex program needs. We carefully vet and test our extensive roster of associates to ensure high performance in even the most challenging environments. We carefully match our talent pool to your needs and stand behind our work. You can be sure you are getting the best talent for your needs and budget.

Project Staffing Has Never Been Easier.

TOD gives you access to an exclusive network of vetted talent. It’s algorithm deciphers the requirements for your project and identifies the candidates with the best experience for your project.

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Areas of Expertise

SMA Talent On Demand Professional Services cover a wide array of domain expertise including:

SMA Talent On Demand Professional Services supply a wide array of talented and experienced individuals covering a broad range of functional expertise:

Capture Support & Proposal Development

  • Business Development
  • Capture Support
  • Proposal Management
  • Volume Lead
  • Proposal Writer
  • Orals coaches

Program Management

  • Program Management
  • Customer Milestone Success
  • Data Management
  • Resource Planning and Implementation
  • Business Support
  • Management Analytics

Integrated Program Planning & Controls

  • Plan Development
  • Schedule Management
  • Cost Management
  • EVMS Implementation
  • EVMS Operations
  • Project Performance Analytics

Technical Management and Engineering

  • Systems Engineering
  • Solutions Architect
  • Electrical and Mechanical Design and Specialties
  • Software Development
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Technical Management Analytics

Data Visualization and Publications

  • Desktop Publishing
  • Proposal Graphics
  • Proposal Production
  • Technical & Information Graphics
  • Graphical Modeling
  • Visual Arts Analytics

Management Consulting

  • Market Strategy
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Innovation Building
  • Capability Evaluation and Development
  • Competitive Assessment and Price to Win (CA/PTW)
  • Strategy Analytics